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About the Author

ROBERT CHOATE, PRESIDENT, BRINGS the healing and hope of Jesus Christ to people who are on the verge of giving up. Robert witnesses miracles in virtually every service. For almost three decades he has ministered life changing words to street people and celebrities, to teenagers and terminally ill patients, to drug addicts and corporate executives, to cult followers and church workers as well as average men, women, and young people. After serving in churches in California and Arizona and assisting national ministries, Robert formed Christ Comfort Ministries in 1986.

At age eight, Robert was born again. At age 17, he began studies for the ministry through various denominations: Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, etc. to include Judaism.

At age twenty-four, Robert began full-time ministry by serving other ministries in business administration, media communications, counseling, fund-raising, transportation, housing, youth, feeding the poor, assisting the clergy, and hospital visitation.

At age thirty, he brought an increase in preaching and evangelism. Robert established media studios for ministries and church support. He also began developing team ministries and awareness to women leaders in ministry.

In 1988, Robert developed the City Talks television show, featuring highlights of moves of God throughout the world. A solid foundation was established in 1996 for Christ Comfort Ministries, Intl. as it became incorporated with the mandate to develop and license other ministers and feed the hungry—literally and spiritually. Christ Comfort Ministries, Intl. has been taken across the United States and overseas. It has brought God’s Word to inner cities, farm communities, suburbs, national conferences and international meetings. The Lord has commissioned the ministry to minister to men and women in leadership and to those He is grooming for leadership. Robert has been a chauffeur/security professional since 1982, and has safely driven 1.3 million miles.


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