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“City Talks” is a Television Broadcasting Company/Ministry, airing news and informational programs for a general audience.

The program focuses on issues that affect city life. Taking a positive approach, we demonstrate how everyday people have the power to act upon their moral and spiritual convictions.

Our perspective grows out of Biblical principles. Our selection of segment topics, interviews, guests and investigative reports is within the framework of Judeo-Christian world views. Each segment will show how God is active in all areas of our life to include government, business, education, health, sports and entertainment.

The purpose is to bring the light of the Word into the darkness of the media. While not stated explicitly, “City Talks” acts out this purpose. Our mandate is to inform and to demonstrate by example. We do this most effectively by maintaining an objective stance as journalists and reporters.

We hope to highlight movements of God among: Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Four Square, Episcopal, Church of Christ, Vineyard, Presbyterian, the African-American Church, the Asian Church, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox Christian, Orthodox Jew, Reformed Jew, Messianic Jew, Full Gospel Business Men International, Women of Virtue, Aglow International, Christian Motorcycle Association, Full Gospel Book Stores, the Native American Church, and Gospel radio and television stations.


Listen to the Testimony of Robert Choate,
CEO and Host of City Talks, on
"The Good Life with Danny Yamashiro".

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WE ARE A MEMBER OF: American Association of Christian Counselors Christain Motorcyclist Association Gospel Channel Europe International Ministerial Association National Religious Broadcasters National Limousine Association Fellowship of European Broadcasters Leadership Logic

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Host Robert Choate of “City Talks” established the Radio and TV Broadcast to bring support and care to those he ministers to as Sr. Pastor of Christ Comfort Ministries International (CCMI), a not-for-profit ministry serving others, especially those in need of HOPE. Your giving makes a lasting loving impact on the lives we touch …Strengthening …

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